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by Lynne on November 11th, 2010

AutoText is probably one of the most useful features of Microsoft Word. It functions as a wordprocessing shorthand – allowing commonly used names, expressions and even graphics to be stored as ‘AutoText’ – capable of being quickly inserted as you type. This can be something as simple as a ‘yours sincerely/faithfully’ at the end of a letter, or a graphic, a table or a whole document which is used over and over again.

However, Word 2007 has changed the simple way in which you can use AutoText, and have now called it Building Blocks

Create AutoText (the easy way)

Create your document, table, text, graphic etc, exactly the way you want it to look (including all formatting), for example

Yours sincerely

Highlight all the information (Crtl A)

Press Alt F3

The Building Blocks dialogue box will be opened, showing you the first line of the highlighted text

Buillding Blocks

Type in a very short command – one or two letters or numbers will be sufficient

Building Blocks 2

Click OK

You will be returned to your Word document

To Insert AutoText

Place cursor where you want your AutoText to appear

Type Shortcut

Press F3

Your text will be inserted into your document at the point of the cursor

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